Apply Online | Used Car Financing Huntington Beach, CA

Are you planning to purchase a used car via auto loan financing?

But struck with a bad credit score and worried about high-interest rates?

You are not alone.

High Trade Inc. offers auto loans to all credit types at the best annual percentage rate (APR). We guarantee you faster auto loan approval. Visit our Car Dealership in Huntington Beach, CA for more details.

So, how to get an auto loan with a bad credit score?

  1. Get your free credit report from trusted sources like AnnualCreditReport, etc. Avoid errors on your credit report because this affects the APR. Credit score varies in hours. So, before you prepare to apply for an auto loan, make sure you get the latest and right credit score report.
  2. You can use the integrated loan calculator to estimate your monthly payments.
  3. We charge the right APR depending on your credit score & other factors.

Now, how to improve the chance of approving the bad credit auto loan?

  1. Find a cosigner. It can be someone with a good credit score and who trusts you. This person will cosign you the auto loan financing and be responsible for repaying the loan on your behalf.
  2. Buying a used car for cash is the best option because it avoids credit checks and is less expensive than a brand new car.
  3. And the last option, which we don’t recommend for our customer. But when you are in immediate need of a car. You can apply for a personal loan.

NOTE: In general, interest rates for personal loans are much higher than auto loan financing.

Our Auto Loan Financing options include:

  1. Bad credit auto loan or no credit financing.
  2. Auto loan with low down payment.
  3. Credit union
  4. Trade-Ins

If you have a high credit score, we provide pre-approved auto loans upon qualifying certain repayment terms.

Our car dealership service catered to a different set of audiences like first-time buyers, low-income buyers, luxury cars, families, etc. So, we only list those cars that perfectly suit the needs of people within and nearby cities of Hunting Beach, California.

Check out our used cars for sale inventory and fill out the apply credit form on the respective vehicle details page.

Our auto loan financing expert will get back to you with relevant information as soon as possible.


Which credit score do car dealerships use?

When you plan to apply for a auto loan and approach a loan lender.

First and foremost, they check your credit score. The higher the credit score, The faster the loan approval. This is a known fact.

Anyone can get their free credit score report right. But different auto loan lenders use different credit scores.

It’s not you. Your lender will decide which credit product they will purchase and use to evaluate your auto loan application. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion were a few of the top credit bureaus. You can also check your credit score for free from popular sites like Annual Credit Report, Credit Karm, etc.

FICO Auto Score is one of the most popular credit scores most lenders use.

What is a good credit score to buy a car?

Any credit score higher than 720 is a good score to qualify for a pre-approved car loan at a lower interest rate and faster. Again, the credit scores vary from what lenders choose.

Can you use a personal loan to buy a car?

Yes, we can. But we recommend opting for a auto loan rather than a personal loan. Because of the following reasons:

  1. Low-interest rate.
  2. Easy and faster approval process.
  3. No additional loan fees.
  4. More lenient credit score requirements. Because, car loans are secured loans (which means if you fail to repay the loan, the lender can repossess the car).
  5. Longer Loan terms.

So, if you plan to finance your new car. Choose a car loan and save money.

What is a good used auto loan rate?

As auto loan rates depend upon the credit score, we suggest our customers clear off existing loans to improve their credit score before applying for a auto loan. For example, a Credit score of 720 or higher, then the APR will be around 5%.

NOTE: Credit score changes from time to time.  So, get your latest and accurate credit score report.

Can I use a student loan to buy a car?

Straight NO! High-interest rates, legalities, devaluation, etc. were a few of the reasons.